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Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Films of Record David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

Thirty years ago, David had a psychotic breakdown. Now he traces his steps and meets people living with psychosis. 

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BBC Two on Friday
31st May 2019 at 1:45AM
Updated Friday 3rd May 2019

At 23 years old, David Harewood had a psychotic breakdown and was sectioned. As he puts it, he ‘lost his mind’.

On World Mental Health Awareness Day 2017, David took to Twitter and spoke publicly about his experiences for the first time. He was overwhelmed by the response. Now David wants to tell the full story - to piece together what happened to him and help others understand what it’s like to experience psychosis. For more information, visit the BBC programme page.

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