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Download your free 'Secrets of Our Living Planet: How Nature Works' booklet

Updated Thursday, 10th December 2015

Download a free booklet that illustrates the complex connections in four different UK habitats

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To accompany the BBC TV series Secrets of our Living Planet, you can order a 'How Nature Works' booklet containing four friezes that give you an insight into different UK habitats. Unfortunately, we no longer have any print booklets in stock but you can download the poster by following the link below

How Nature Works print item item for Secrets of our Living Planet Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The Open University

Download your booklet of friezes today by selecting the link above

We have taken four of these extraordinary settings and illustrated the connections for you.

Forests, grasslands, jungles and wetlands are complex habitats and the interplay between different organisms can mean that they are finely balanced: a small change in one part may have profound consequences for the whole ecosystem.

Understanding the connections is of obvious importance for the future, but there is a fascination in just looking at the natural world and marvelling at the way in which natural selection has shaped the interdependence of organisms.

So, why does the gecko need the giraffe? The Grasslands frieze reveals the answer.

You can access a PDF version by following the link above—it is a 23 MB download.





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