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Download your free 'World-changing women' booklet of postcards

Updated Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Download your free world-changing women booklet of postcards to accompany the BBC Two series The Ascent of Woman.  

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Get your free world-changing women booklet of postcards

World Changing Women booklet cover image Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Select the image to download your free booklet

Do you want to discover the incredible stories of the key women that changed the course of history across the world? Allow The Open University to help you discover more.

Unfortunately, we've run out of the copies of the booklet, but you can still explore the stories by downloading the collection to your device - and printing them at home, if you wish. Simply select the image above where you will be redirected to a form. Please fill out the form to download your free copy.

The booklet was produced in association with the BBC/OU co-production The Ascent of Women.

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While you wait for your booklet of postcards to be delivered to you, why not view our range of content our academic has created to complement the series? You can also view the series page with a wealth of useful links and resources. 




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