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The Hairy Bikers: Bakeation - Cutdown edition

The Hairy Bikers Bakeation tour - in slightly smaller portions.

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If you love the Hairy Bikers, you'll be delighted to hear that the BBC has found a way to sneak an extra portion or two of their European tour into the schedules, by slicing them a little more thinly.

The Hairy Bikers in Brussels Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Dave Myers and Simon King make an epic 5000 mile journey across Europe, combining their two loves - baking and biking.

Their odyssey begins on the West coast of Norway and takes them through some of Europe’s most dramatic scenery as they cook and eat their way across 12 countries, ending in Spain.

En route, they bake local specialities such as classic rye bread, Belgian chocolate cheesecake and Riesling pork pies all with "a hairy twist".

They also seek out some of the best artisan bakers in Europe, both professionals and home-cooks, as well as catching up with family and friends scattered across the continent.

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Episodes in this series

Episode Description
Norway Island hopping and bob-sleighing alongside the baking. Read more
The Low Countries The boys try snorting chocolate powder through a device invented for The Rolling Stones Read more
Germany It's more than just sausages and beer... Read more
Eastern Europe Our duo blast through what used to be the Iron Curtain Read more
Austria Inevitably, there's some yodelling, but don't let that put you off. Read more
Italy When in Rome, the Bikers bake like the Romans do. Read more
France Dave and Si continue their journey through the heart of a nation that reveres its food. Read more
Spain The Hairy Bikers Bakeation tour - in slightly smaller portions. Read more


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