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Horizon: 10 Things You Need to Know...

...About the Future. Hannah Fry delves into the data we have today to give an evidence-based vision of tomorrow. 

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BBC Four on Tuesday
8th June 2021 at 10:55PM
Updated Tuesday 20th June 2017

This episode of Horizon looks at the issues that will change the way we live our lives in the future. Rather than relying on the minds of science fiction writers, mathematician Hannah Fry delves into the data we have today to provide an evidence-based vision of tomorrow. With the help of the BBC's science experts - and a few surprise guests - Hannah investigates the questions the British public want answered about the future.

Horizon: 10 Things You Need to Know About the Future, our programme in partnership with the BBC, airs on Monday 19th June on BBC Two at 8.00 pm – full broadcast details and links to watch again can be found on the BBC programme pages. Explore all our related content below.

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