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OU on the BBC: The Brits Who Built The Modern World ARCHIVE

Updated Monday 3rd February 2014

Join us for the series that tells the story of how an exceptional generation of British architects conquered the globe with their high-tech vision.

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The Gherkin building in London Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Nathan Kendall/OFTV The Gherkin

About the series

For the first time, BBC Four - in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) - will tell the definitive story of five of the most successful and globally recognised British architects of all time: Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Nicholas Grimshaw, Michael Hopkins and Terry Farrell.

Each of the three episodes will give an insight into how their youthful dreams of building a better world turned architecture into one of Britain’s strongest cultural exports, and will feature exclusive interviews with the five men and their collaborators. The series reveals the dramatic stories behind some of their most iconic creations, in Britain and across the world. Among them: the Pompidou Centre, Lloyd’s of London, ‘the Gherkin’, Beijing Airport, MI6’s headquarters and the London Olympic Velodrome.





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