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OU on the BBC- Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant

Life with a disability can be one challenge after another. Finding the right carer can open up a world of possibilities.

  • Duration 10 mins
  • Updated Tuesday 7th July 2015
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under TV
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Image of a job description in a newspaper looking for a personal assistant. Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The BBC About the series

There are currently around 300,000 young disabled people in the UK who rely on carers for their daily needs.  For many of these ambitious young people finding the right carer is the difference between achieving their ambitions or a life unfulfilled. But as a young disabled person in Britain your options are limited, as the majority of people working in care are over 40 years old.  But with three quarters of a million young people under 24 currently looking for work, could the solution being staring us in the face? 

This ground breaking 2 part series explores what happens when four young ambitious disabled people put all their care needs in the hands of unemployed people their own age.  But there’s a catch, to ensure applicants come to the role with an open mind the exact nature of the job and the employers disabilities aren’t revealed until the final job interview.

Will seeing the world from a different point of view help break down preconceptions of disability and unemployment.  Could challenging shared experiences lead to lasting friendships and even a rewarding new career?

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This series first airs on Friday 24th July 2015 on BBC Three. For more information please see

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Episode Two

Image of Josh and Francesca in Amsterdam, from TV programme 'Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant' Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Ricochet - BBC In the final programme of this 2 part series, Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant, the new carers are pushed further out of their comfort zones as they help their employers face real world challenges away from the home. With the possibility of a real job offer at the end there’s a lot at stake for everyone. 

Denny Lee's struggles with Michael's bowel management comes to a head, forcing her to question whether this is really the job for her, Josh’s carer Francesca is shocked to be asked to take him to the Red Light District in Amsterdam so he can have sex, Rupy’s carer Chantelle comes to terms with the stark realities of finding accessible homes, and Jasmine’s carer Emily must prove herself on the domestic front to have any chance of being offered a job.

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