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Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Charlie Ferriday for Blast! Films Secrets of the Museum

Secrets of the Museum

A unique arts series venturing behind the scenes at the world-famous museum of art, design and performance, the V&A.

BBC Two on Thursday
12th March 2020 at 8:00PM
Updated Wednesday 29th January 2020

Inside every museum is a hidden world, and now, cameras have been allowed behind the scenes at the world-famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Only a small part of the two million wonders in the collection are on display to the public. But in this new series we go behind closed doors to explore all the treasures of art, design and performance the museum has to offer. We follow experts and conservators at work in this treasure trove of the nation’s favourite objects, as they breathe new life into fragile marvels, uncover hidden stories, and battle to keep the past alive.

Secrets of the Museum will first broadcast on Thursday 6th February at 8pm on BBC Two. To find out more and for iPlayer links, please visit the BBC website.

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