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Open University programmes on TV, radio and online

The OU has a unique partnership with the BBC, co-producing content for radio, television and online channels. We also work with a range of other broadcasters in the UK and internationally.
Here’s what’s coming up in next few days and what you can catch up with via iPlayer.

Tuesday 8:00pm 01 Dec 2020

Frozen Planet

A stunning portrait of life at the poles, presented by David Attenborough.

BBC Radio 4
Thursday 4:30pm 03 Dec 2020

BBC Inside Science 2020/21 series

Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

Friday 12:00pm 04 Dec 2020

Blue Planet II

Sir David Attenborough presents Blue Planet II.

BBC Radio 4
Tuesday 9:00pm 24 Nov 2020

All in the Mind - Autumn/Winter 2020

Claudia Hammond explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

BBC Four
Monday 11:55pm 23 Nov 2020

The Secret Life of Children's Books

This two part OU/BBC co-production looks at the secret lives of 'The Five Children and It' by E. Nesbitt and 'The Water Babies' by Charles Kingsley. 

Saturday 8:45am 21 Nov 2020

Inventing the Impossible: The Big Life Fix

Leading inventors create ingenious solutions to everyday problems for people in desperate need.