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2012 on OpenLearn

Updated Thursday, 8th December 2011

Coming in 2012: new learning materials from the programmes we make with the BBC

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History of the World print item Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The Open University You've been inspired by Open University programmes on the BBC. This unique partnership combines the greatest academic minds with world-class productions, bringing learning right into your home.

We've got lots of great learning materials that complement the programmes made by The Open University and the BBC. Here's a taster of what's coming up in the autumn.

The History of the World

In this global account of civilization, Andrew Marr brings the human story vividly to life. Viewers will be taken on an unforgettable journey through 70,000 years of history – covering the turning points, tragedies and triumphs that have shaped our world. The Open University is producing a booklet to accompany The History of the World, exploring how the past is revealed. Order your free ‘How do they know that?’ booklet and learn more about history and archaeology.

Masters of Money screenshot Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The Open University Masters of Money

How Economics made and broke our world. Masters of Money is a three-part series posing some urgent questions about the current economic climate and whether theories from the past can explain the crises we face today. The Open University has produced 6 one-minute video animations explaining some of the key economic ideas that affect all of us.

Hilary Devey (Women at the Top) Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Women at the Top

Why are there still so few women in the top jobs in business? Entrepreneur Hilary Devey is on a mission to discover why men still dominate in senior roles and in the boardroom. As a single mother who built her own international business from scratch, she knows what it takes for women to succeed in a man’s world. The Open University is launching a ‘Boardroom Lottery’ game to support the Women at the Top series.

China on Four Wheels

In China on Four Wheels Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani start their journeys in China’s ancient capital, Beijing, and have three weeks to travel to the greatest symbol of modern China – the boom town of Shanghai. You will be able to pick up the basics of Chinese by downloading The Open University’s free Chinese language app..

Recent series

The following series have now finished, but you can still explore the subject in more depth, and access the free learning materials. 

2012 Summer Olympics

Summer 2012 was buzzing with one word: Olympics. Although the games are now over, you can still explore the world's biggest sporting event on OpenLearn.





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