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OU on the BBC: The Big Question - About the series

Updated Tuesday, 30th March 2004

Every week, Emma Joseph and her guests go beyond the soundbites to explore the Big Questions facing the world - from celebrity to cloning, from media to religion.

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Cloning. Celebrity. Environment. Education. Religion. Responsibility. Politics. Poverty. Trust. Truth.

The World is a big place and it throws up some big questions. It takes a big programme to take them on.

Join Emma Joseph on the BBC World Service as she and a team of experts and writers from around the globe dig deeper into the facts behind the major stories. Each week, The Big Question will focus on a different subject of global importance - from "How powerful is television?" to"Are there too many people in the world?" - and explores the voices unheard amongst the sound bites. How do decisions being taken now affect you; how will scientific advances change your world; what impact will global politics have on your future? The Big Question hopes to help you find the answers.

The Open University has a commitment to social justice, widening participation and bringing distance learning to students across the globe. It works with partners such as the Arab OU, Singapore OUDP and Hong Kong OU. The University is very pleased to be able to work with the World Service and to be a partner in the Big Question series, a series which will address key issues in global politics and scientific advance.

In the UK, you can hear World Service programmes on Digital Audio (DAB), Freeview Channel 80, Sky Digital Channel 865 and in the South of the country on 648 metres medium wave. You can also listen via the BBC World Service website.

The Big Question is currently off the air. To find out what's currently transmitting on the network, visit the World Service schedules





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