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Bang Goes The Theory 1: Episode 3

Updated Friday, 7th August 2009

Science has literally driven Jem up the wall and sent Liz plumbing the depths - and we're loving it!

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In the third instalment of Bang Goes The Theory, Dallas Campbell traces the incredible global journey of 30,000 indestructible plastic ducks, while Liz Bonnin goes on manoeuvres at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the Royal Navy's latest search and rescue sub.

Dr Yan Wong challenges the people of Cardiff to take on the might of friction, and Jem Stansfield uses two domestic vacuum cleaners to climb up the side of a building.

Want to know more about the science behind all these features? You're in the right place...

More about this week's programme

More about the science

The vacuum climb

Plastic soup

Submarine rescue


And if you really want to go further...

Find out about studying science with The Open University.





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