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Bang Goes The Theory 2: Episode 2

Updated Monday, 22nd March 2010

How deep can you go snorkeling? There's only one show with the smarts to find out...

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Liz Bonnin, Dallas Campbell and Jem Stansfield take on more scientific challenges. Engineer Jem becomes a crash test dummy to discover how much g-force his body can take, while scientist Liz gets the Olympic treatment for Sport Relief. Dallas enters the weird world of the atom, and roving reporter Dr Yan Wong dives into a shark tank to explain why there are no long snorkels.

This episode was broadcast on 22 March 2010.

Inside The Science


Interested in this sort of thing? You might enjoy The Open University course Engineering the future.


A more advanced course from The Open University investigates how matter can be manipulated at the atomic and molecular scale: Engineering small worlds

The elephant snorkel

Odds and ends





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