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Bang Goes The Theory 3: Episode 1

Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2010

Join the team for a closer look at oil spills; explore relativity with a jet plane and an atomic clock, and see how it’s the eyes that dominate when it comes to assessing weight.

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Oiled Bird - Black Sea Oil Spill 11/12/07 Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: By marinephotobank via Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0

In the first episode, the team investigate the recent Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Zoologist Liz Bonnin goes to Louisiana and takes part in the rescue effort to protect the area’s wildlife; while Jem Stansfield builds a scale model to explain what happens when an oil well disaster like this happens, and how to bring it back under control.

Meanwhile Dallas Campbell proves Einstein’s theory of relativity with the help of a jet plane and a very expensive atomic clock.

And Dr Yan is back again, showing how when it comes to assessing weight, it’s the eyes that dominate.

First broadcast on 08 September 2010

Inside the science

Oil spills

Atomic clocks

Weight perception





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