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Bang Goes The Theory 3: Episode 2

Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2010

This week, the team conduct one of the largest priming experiments ever, examine the effects of sunburn, make members of the public fall over and turn to mathematics to make a square-wheeled skateboard.

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Square-wheeled bike Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: By vrogy via flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

In our second episode, Liz looks at the positive and negative effects of the skin pigment melatonin, pondering its evolutionary role in allowing humans to populate the darker northern areas of our planet.

Dallas attempts to prime the minds of every one visiting the science museum, not only to make them change the speed at which they walk, but to temporarily improve their cognitive function.

Dr Yan manages to override both the body's vestibular system and muscle proprioceptors, by playing with people's vision – to the point where they fall over! And Jem re- invents the wheel, with the help of a few equations and some catenary curves.

First broadcast on 15 September 2010

Inside the science

Square-wheeled skateboard

Sun burn







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