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Bang Goes The Theory 3: Episode 3

Updated Wednesday, 22nd September 2010

This week Liz asks: can you avoid jet lag? The universe is huge - Dallas demonstrates just how big, using a bike and fruit bowl; and you can join our debate on this enormous topic. Meanwhile, Jem's skakeboard gets a makeover.

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The Andromeda Galaxy Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: By Davidherraezcalzada via Dreamstime under subscription

In the third episode of the series that puts science and technology to the test, the team face more fun experiments and challenges. And why not join in with our debate on the size of the universe: read Dr Andrew Norton's article below, which may help you get your head round just how big, big can be!

Tonight Liz conducts an experiment into jet lag and how to avoid it.

Dallas demonstrates the size of the solar system with the help of a bicycle and a fruit bowl.

And Jem upgrades his square-wheeled skateboard.

First broadcast on 22 September 2010

Inside the science

Solar size

Jeg lag

Sensory receptors

Square-wheeled motorbike





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