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Bang Goes The Theory 3: Episode 4

Updated Wednesday, 29th September 2010

Richard Dawkins joins Liz to prove evolution - explore further with Dr Richard Jurd, then join our debate. Also in this week's episode, Dallas explores the seasons (with a grenade launcher as an aid!), and Jem checks out wave power.

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In our fourth episode, the team put more science to the test.

Dallas looks at the origins of our weather and explains how the emergence of seasons allowed life to form, all with the help of a grenade launcher.

Jem travels to Scotland to check out the latest green technology - wave power.

And Liz meets Richard Dawkins to prove evolution, by taking a closer look at the eye. It's a contentious issue, so why not join our debate: Look evolution in the eye.

First broadcast on 29 September 2010

Inside the science

Evolution of the eye


Wave power

Bernoulli Effect

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