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Bang Goes the Theory 8: Episode 8 - Disaster Relief

Updated Friday, 2nd May 2014

The last episode in the series looks at the problems the humanitarian community faces when tackling a disaster.

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Bang on TV

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wars - all can trigger not just thousands of casualties and refugees, but also a worldwide humanitarian effort, with the roots for its success founded in science. At the Zaatari refugee camp, temporary home to around 20,000 Syrians, Maggie Philbin looks at the problems the humanitarian community faces when tackling a disaster, and how the lessons learned there might help closer to home.

Liz Bonnin comes face to face with cholera, one of the most feared bacteria on the planet. And the team are joined by Dr Chris Van Tulleken, who makes Plumpy'nut, a simple peanut-based paste that has saved tens of thousands of famine victims.

Bang Goes The Theory can be seen on BBC One on Monday 5th May 2014 at 7.30pm, and BBC Two (Wales only) on Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7:00pm. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on Read more about the current series.





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