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Bang Goes The Theory comes to DVD

Updated Monday, 12th September 2011

Great news for fans of Bang, as the first two series come to DVD.

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Do you love Bang Goes The Theory, but wish you could own it? You're in luck, as the first two series - along with the Drake Equation special - are being released on DVD.

It's your chance to relive moments including Dr Yan making light from Marmite, Jem turning a microwave into a death ray and Liz getting into contact with her frog brain.

Plus, in the Drake equation special, Dallas travels to America to meet the man who defined the chances of intelligent life on other planets - and has spent time searching for evidence since.

Every make, every discovery, every explanation from the first two series of the programme is here. It's a great gift for someone who loves science and technology.

It's even a great gift for people who don't think they like science and technology, as the Bang team make understanding the forces that shape our world fun, and compelling.

Bang Goes The Theory: The Complete Series One and Two is released on DVD Monday, 12th September 2011, and is available from the places you usually buy your DVDs.

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