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Bang Goes The Theory 4: Episode 4

Updated Thursday 14th July 2011

Showing again in the Sign Zone, the team visit the Oxbridge Boat Race to explain calories, test MPs' abilities to calculate risk, and take a closer look at antibiotics

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Bang Goes The Theory originally shown on BBC One England on April 4th at 7.30pm; and in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland later in the week. It's being repeated on Thursday morning, 14th July. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on

In the latest episode of the series, the team take on more scientific challenges. Jem explains what a calorie is and then gets the others to demo calorific value by taking part in the Oxbridge Boat Race, Dr Yan goes to the Houses of Parliament to test MPs' abilities to calculate risk, and Liz takes a closer look at antibiotics.

Calorie intake around the world

A personal risk assessment

Resistance to antibiotics





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