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Bang Goes The Theory 5: Episode 1

Updated Monday 8th August 2011

Bang is back, with another half-hour of science and technology being pushed to breaking point

Jem Stansfield makes a diamond Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Jem makes his own diamond

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Have you tried: The Shepard Tone illusion?

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Bang on TV

Bang Goes The Theory returns on BBC One (England) and BBC Two (Scotland and Wales) on August 15th at 7.30pm. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on

In the first of the new series, Jem makes his own diamond and then proves they aren't forever. Dr Yan explains the science of popcorn, and Dallas investigates why we haven't cured cancer yet, meeting the team that hope to change that.

The chemistry that makes diamonds

The 'bang' of popcorn—forces explained

Coping with cancer



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