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Bang Goes The Theory 6: Episode 1

Updated Thursday, 11th September 2014

In the first episode of the new series, the team investigate why petrol costs so much, and whether we can make fuel for free

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Liz Bonnin flying to oil rig Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC This week Bang looks at fuel

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The team investigates why petrol costs so much, and whether we can use science to make fuel for free. Liz experiences life on an oil rig, Jem and Dallas compete to make their own DIY fuel alternatives, and Jem discovers the link between fossil fuels and a recent earthquake in Lancashire.

Bang Goes The Theory can be seen on BBC One (England) and BBC Two (Northern Ireland and Wales) on Monday 12 March at 7.30pm. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on Read more about the current series.

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