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Ballot boxes or badges?

Updated Friday, 1st May 2015

As the UK starts to process the victory of the Conservatives in the 2015 General Election, OpenLearn has lots to offer you if you can't get enough politics - and if you think you've had your fill...

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Love politics?

Want to get inside the political debate? Explore the links between 1979 and 2015 with 79Rewind, discover what confidence and supply actually means, weigh the successes and failures of the coalition...

Want a break from politics?

But if you've had enough - maybe you've already voted, or just need some time without having a passionate politician roll up their sleeves and campaign at you - why not take some time away from the opinion polls and horsetrading by sampling one of our badged courses? They're free, a great way to sharpen your skills and show what you've learned - far more transparent than the political process, some might say...

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