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OpenLearn Live: 15th December 2016

Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016

A lighthouse which helped people steer their way through health crises. Then learning and research through the day.

OpenLearn Live grabs the best in learning and research from the web, and waves it in your general direction. This page will be updated across the day.

Yesterday, we explored phishing during the US election, names for axes, and Vita Sackville-West

On this day last year, Tim Peake went into space and we met the man who gave America its anthem

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Today's posts

Aah, Vienna! The Lighthouse

Tonight, there's a new episode in our series exploring Vienna's imperial history (BBC Four, 9pm) and we've been celebrating this week with some extra stories from Austria. Yesterday, we asked why OPEC had chosen the city for its headquarters. Today, we're focusing on the Lighthouse.

Room in the Lighthouse, Vienna Creative commons image Icon Praxis Loewengasse under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license A room in the Lighthouse

Founded in the year 2000, the Lighthouse is unique in Austria in providing a home for HIV+ people, people with drug problems, and/or people with mental health problems.

It was the idea of Bernhard Durst, an activist who was inspired by similar projects in other European cities. He died in 1995, before his idea became reality, but the vision was carried through by Friederike Baca, Christian Michelides, Herbert Rauch and others. Now, the project has four locations across the city and offers home to sixty people.

The project has ten principles behind its work:

Seeing people as human beings
Ensuring health
Stabilization of substance consumption
Ending reliance on sex work
Stopping criminal behaviour
Securing economic survival
Legal assistance
Shaping a daily routine
Re-establishing family and social ties
Promoting a sense of being present in the world

In 2006, the Lighthouse was a finalist in the World Habitat Awards, which recognised not just the work done to help people, but that that work occurs in buildings designed to be environmetally sustainable.

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