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A selection of OU thank yous

Updated Wednesday, 17th September 2014

Take a look at some truly inspiring stories among our students about the support they have received from various people throughout their studies.

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Here's how some of our students said thank you

There’s a thank you. Then there’s a zombie apocalypse thank you

What is it about zombies that sends shivers up our spines? Where do zombies come from? And what exactly is a bone-eating zombie worm?

There’s a thank you. Then there’s a barbershop quartet thank you

What do you know about law? Think you could take on the role of a judge? Have you ever considered what kind of eye witness you would make?

There’s a thank you. Then there’s a mad hatter’s thank you

Find out about author and mathematician Lewis Carroll, the link between mad hatters and mercury poisoning and how the universe can shrink like Alice in Wonderland.




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