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TEDxMiltonKeynes: Connections

Updated Saturday, 22nd September 2012

We've never been able to connect so widely before.

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Plugs linked together Creative commons image Icon pulpolux !!! under CC-BY-NC licence under Creative-Commons license Connecting across a distance Making a connection means finding an association, relationship or link between things, places or people. The capacity for making connections with faraway people and places has never been stronger than in our present time.

With the growing use of technology around the world, we are able to 'get connected' and 'stay connected' across and between spaces, forming links with people and places we have never seen.

With the capacity for greater human connection there is also increased opportunity for idea sharing and bringing diverse groups of people together to inspire and create change in different ways. Making connections between people can lead to finding relationships and similarities between different ideas, problems, issues and concerns – both at local and global levels.

The theme 'connections' draws attention to the potential for innovation, inspiration, and ingenuity that is made possible when people and ideas are brought together.




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