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TEDxMiltonKeynes: Conversation

Updated Saturday, 22nd September 2012

Through conversations we make connections and form communities.

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Communicating via tactile sign language Creative commons image Icon Cobalt123 under CC-BY-NC-SA licence under Creative-Commons license A conversation in tactile sign language Language and communication are the building blocks of human society. The way language is constructed can play a powerful role in how thinking is shaped. However, conversation and the way people spontaneously influence one another with and through their words can be equally powerful.

Through conversing with one another we learn, discover, and develop ideas. Inspiration often strikes when one person is engaging in conversation with another.

Moreover, it is through conversation that we most often gain understanding of other people’s positions, viewpoints, and circumstances. By entering into conversations with other people, commonalities and connections are found and communities formed.

The theme of 'conversations’ signals the importance of communication and dialogue and the capacity for people to find inspiration in the words and narratives of others.





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