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Give an hour and help someone go digital

Updated Tuesday, 18th October 2011

On 30 October, the clocks go back and everyone in the UK has an extra hour. Why not use this hour to transform someone’s life by helping them get online? Use the links below to help them.

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Go ON Give an Hour is a special campaign focused on inspiring, encouraging and supporting the UK to become a networked nation. But you don't just have to live in the UK to get involved. Wherever you are, why not devote an hour to helping someone less internet savvy than you delve into the digital world?

To help them, check out the articles below to enhance their knowledge then if they've caught the bug, they can take it a step further by trying one of our free units on our LearningSpace.

There are also a wealth of courses available at the OU on computing and ICT. To find out more about these courses, visit the Study at the OU website.



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This ties into the Race Online initiative which is running the Give an Hour campaign. The Open University has pledged its support to Race Online 2012 – the nationwide challenge to get everyone online by the end of the Olympic year, making the UK the world’s first ‘networked nation’.

To discover more, visit the Give an Hour website or visit the OU's Platform website.

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