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OU on the BBC: Histories of Wales - about the series

Updated Wednesday, 15th February 2012

Six historians show how a theme they feel passionate about has shaped Wales. Read more about each episode

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Caerphilly Castle Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Dreamstime Caerphilly Castle Histories of Wales is a BBC Radio Wales series about how the past has made the people of Wales who they are today.

History is what historians research and write—it’s what they make, and each historian interprets the past differently. In this series six historians show how a theme they feel passionate about has shaped Wales. What happened in the past is not straightforward but very complex. It’s not dry or boring either, but very exciting.

Histories of Wales is a thematic look at the History of Wales. There are six episodes, each presented by a different academic or individual with a distinct take on their theme. Instead of trying to present a comprehensive history, the episodes aspire to present the audience with six polemics on significant themes within Welsh history.

Histories of Wales is broadcast on BBC Radio Wales on Sundays at 13:30. See more details about the series, including information about repeats, on the BBC Radio Wales site, or see our episode guide below.

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