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OU on the BBC: Alternative Medicine - The Expert View

Updated Friday 13th January 2006

Experts in the field of CAM offer their personal views about some of the approaches used in CAM today.

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Acupuncture - "the Chinese never developed a detailed knowledge of physical anatomy, but instead focused on understanding how different parts of the physical and energetic body relate to one another and affect each other and how the individual relates to the environment and nature as a whole"

CAM around the world - "the NHS is slowly incorporating more types of CAM and more integrated services are being developed."

Herbal medicine - "Herbs were the main tools for improving health in the ancient Greek theories of health and illness and these formed the basis of medical knowledge in Europe up until the modern era."

Testing CAM - "CAM systems describe and treat health and disease in a fundamentally different way from conventional medicine. In conventional medicine, illness is seen as a breakdown of part or parts of a complex and sophisticated biomedical machine"

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