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OU on the BBC: Bang Goes The Theory

Updated Tuesday 19th February 2013

Bang Goes the Theory is back with a bang and bringing you the science behind the headlines. 

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The 2013 Bang Goes The Theory team: Jem, Liz and Maggie Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC The team: Jem, Liz and Maggie

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This series:

Is there a connection between the recent flooding and Global Warming? How can a Rolls Royce Jet Engine help detect secondary brain Injury? Are we running out of Power and how do Global Relief efforts help the emergency services back home?

In series 8, Maggie Philbin joins presenters Liz Bonnin and Jem Stansfield as the team to tackle subjects as diverse as our ailing Railways, The Big Data Revolution, Energy and Cancer - offering the definitive guide to every aspect of the science that drives them.

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