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OU on the BBC: Bang Goes The Theory 3

Updated Friday, 3rd September 2010

Bang Goes The Theory will be bursting back onto our screens very soon. The team will be getting hands on with more weird and wonderful science, including a square-wheeled bike and a boat made of ice - watch out British Rail!

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Bang is back! In this third series from the BBC, Jem will be looking at oil spills, the square-wheeled bike and wave power; Liz is tackling some holiday issues like jet lag and sun burn, as well as the Icelandic volano and hypothermia; Dallas investigates atomic clocks, probability in Vegas and the psychology of priming; and each week, Yan will explore how they did it. Watch this space over the new few weeks, for an episode-by-episode guide.

We'll also have some fascinating articles to follow up these topics, as we delve inside the science. And don't forget, if something sparks your interest, you can take your learning journey further with an OU course, or, if you just have a point to make or fancy an online debate, you can add a comment at the bottom of any our pages.

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