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OU on the BBC: Bang Goes The Theory 4

Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2013

Series 4 of Bang Goes The Theory gives us more weird and wonderful science - amongst the topics are a look at the Japanese superquake and tsunami of March 2011, IVF, a 1000mph car and can you cure allergies by eating worms?

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The first programme of this 4th series of Bang investigates the superquake in Japan immediately following the event in March 2011.  In subsequent programmes the team invites people to stare into strange mirrors, tests MPs' abilities to calculate risk, builds a homemade laser, looks at GM crops and dancing dads - and much more.  Have a look at our episode-by-episode guide below.

We also have some fascinating articles to follow up these topics, as we delve inside the science. And don't forget, if something sparks your interest, you can take your learning journey further with an OU course, or, if you just have a point to make or fancy an online debate, you can add a comment at the bottom of any our pages.

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