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OU on the BBC: Battle of the Geeks - Meet the Geeks

Updated Tuesday 26th September 2006

It takes a special brain to adapt to the challenge - and we've got some great brains. Meet the Geeks.

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Meet the teams battling to get their egg closest to the X…

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Left to right: Glynn, Leila, Jeff, James, Dustyn and Jim

The Orange Team
Glyn Hughes from Lancashire
Glyn is an inventor and ex-policeman. He is an independent researcher in prototype development for a lot of companies in renewable energy and heating and has designed and invented one of the world’s cleanest burning wood stoves for heating homes. Inspired by his ex-neighbour, Fred Dibnah, Glyn has also invented a special helmet used by Greater Manchester Police.

Dustyn Roberts from New York
Dustyn is a robotics expert with a Masters in Biomechanics and Movement Science; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a double major in Biomedical Engineering. Dustyn is currently designing a drilling robot for interplanetary deep drilling, has directed the assembly of a Mars lander subsystem, and is helping design a sample manipulation system for the MSL 2009 mission. Dustyn is likeable, relaxed, sporty, outgoing, and very smart!

Jeff Lieberman from Massachusetts
Jeff is a mathematician and performer who is also a graduate resident tutor at Bexley, part of the prestigious MIT in the US. Jeff is currently developing a process to teach and relearn motor learning skills such as dance and sports through a wearable robotic suit. He has also made four species of robot flower which generated music and lighting based on the behaviour of the viewer! Jeff is a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and in Media Arts and Sciences, focusing on Robotics. He is also a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics with a minor in Music. Jeff performs as part of a musical improvisational duo called GLOOB(IC) who begin with silence and build up complex loops and arrangements as they go along.

The Purple Team
James Tongue from the West Sussex
Silent film villain look-alike, James is also the friendliest, most genuine, enthusiastic drag-bike racing person you could hope to meet. Studied Mechanical Engineering and although he describes himself as a self-employed carpenter and joiner, his experience covers designing and building MRI scanners to magnets for nuclear particle accelerators for CERN and the aforementioned world record breaking drag racing motorcycle. Not bad for a man whose workshop is his garden shed…

Jim Dyke from Sussex
Mathematician, Philosopher, and all round nice-guy; Jim has degrees in Philosophy and Evolutionary and Adaptive systems so knows where we came from literally and figuratively. He is currently working towards a PhD within the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics in Sussex. They are researching dynamic robot walking. Jim describes himself as a “classic garage tinkerer and Lego brain” and like Dr Evil, has also dabbled in rockets and lasers.

Leila Hasan from San Francisco
Leila works for NASA on panoramic imaging robotics. She holds a Masters and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from MIT. She is currently a consultant for a mechatronics design firm working on circuit design for solar powered lighting modules. The lead engineer on a real-time imaging thermal cycler, she engineered the automation and instrumentation for the Living Chip, a screening system for genomics and drug discovery.

The teams' efforts will be overseen by two experts, Kal and Ian:

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