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OU on the BBC: Can Gerry Robinson Fix The NHS?: One Year On

Updated Thursday 6th December 2007

One year on from the series Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS?, Sir Gerry revisits Rotherham General Hospital to see how they are coping.

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Last year, management guru Sir Gerry Robinson was called in by Rotherham District General Hospital. The hospital faced an uncertain future. In a market driven NHS - where money follows the patient – there were unacceptably long waiting lists, staff morale was low and relations between consultants and managers were terrible.

Sir Gerry – with his proven track record of turning around failing businesses – tackled the problems head on.

One year later, Gerry revisits Rotherham to see how they are coping. What he finds both surprises and delights him. The hospital is now run efficiently, waiting lists are down and staff relations are excellent.

But there are clouds on the horizon. With government policy encouraging more out of hospital care in the community, what is the future for the hospital?

Gerry takes a long, hard look at what is planned for the NHS and asks whether it really adds up and whether it will really deliver the change the service needs to face the challenges of the coming years.


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