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OU on the BBC: Chinese School - About the series

Updated Monday 25th February 2008

Discover the stories in the classrooms of Ping Min and Xiuning schools and more about the series.

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This article is about the 2008 BBC Four series Chinese School. For the 2015 BBC Two series Are Our Kids Tough Enough: Chinese School please select this link

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There are 350 million children enrolled in education across China, and, in this series, we focus on just a few of them.

Chinese School takes as its subject one small town in rural Anhui, and focuses on the lives of a group of families, teachers and children during the course of a single academic year.

The schools are schools like many thousands of others across this vast nation, but through the individual stories of hardship, joy and success, an extraordinary portrait emerges, not just of a group of children and a town, but of a side of the Chinese nation seldom seen.

Chinese School continues the theme of earlier series African School and Indian School.

Chinese School

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The capital of China

Chinese School in more depth:


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