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OU on the BBC: Click On - Meet the presenter

Updated Friday 14th September 2007

Find out what's the most pointless gadget presenter of Click on, Simon Cox owns and more about the man and his technical world in about the presenter.

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Simon Cox has had a long and varied career at the BBC. After starting out in local radio, which included the frightening prospect of once trying to produce Chris Morris, Simon moved to BBC Radio 4's The World at One and PM news programmes. He has reported from over 25 countries including chasing whaling ships in Norway and avoiding Ebola in Congo. He has also worked as a news correspondent for TV and radio. He now presents “The Investigation” on BBC Radio 4 and is also a regular presenter of the 5 live Report. Simon has dipped his toe into podcasting, by presenting for Channel 4 Radio.

We caught up with Simon and asked him some personal questions:

Which website couldn’t you live without?

The Guardian, Telegraph (for fantasy football) and BBC News whenever I am abroad. I am also an avid fan of travel sites – use The Times one quite a lot although prefer the Guardian’s. I like dipping into Facebook and Nick Robinson’s political blog. I rely on my friends for YouTube recommendations.

What’s the most pointless gadget you own?

Probably all of the bits I keep buying for my iPod so that I can charge it and connect it to any number of devices. Somehow it still seems to pack up when I need it to keep me going in the gym, which is pretty much all of the time.

What’s your greatest digital disaster?

Too many to list in my working life.  At home making sure I had the highest spec phone camera and then losing it along with some fantastic photos that I have forgotten to download. What’s even worse is I keep doing it.





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