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OU on the BBC: Click - Openness and privacy

Updated Tuesday, 19th April 2011

In a rush to openness, have we abandoned our privacy? The programme that was once Digital Planet investigates...

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Person in a hospital gown Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Igor Aronov | Has the sharing culture of the digital age led to a dangerous loss of personal privacy? In the fourth of a series of programmes on openness, Gareth Mitchell looks at why privacy matters, who bears the responsibility for safeguarding digital privacy, and why many of us seem increasingly compelled to share online.

Jeff Jarvis, author of the upcoming book Public Parts and an advocate for "the age of sharing", debates privacy with Andrew Keen, arguing that the benefits we gain from sharing are enormous.

Keen, author of the upcoming Digital Vertigo: An Anti-Social Manifesto, contends that privacy is essential for human beings and needs protecting in the face of social media applications which constantly tell the world where we are and what we're doing.

Our medical records are some of our most private information, and a new tool, Patients Know Best, aims to empower patients by giving them the key to share their records with who they choose. Gareth speaks to CEO and founder, Dr Mohammzd Al-Ubaydli, and asks if we can ultimately be trusted to manage our own private data.

Click can be heard on the BBC World Service at 7.32pm, Tuesday 19th April. For other broadcast times, and links to podcasts and listen online, visit

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