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OU on the BBC: Digital Planet: BBC World Service - DIY technology

Updated Tuesday, 24th March 2009

The 24th March 2009 edition of Digital Planet explored some of the latest DIY trends in technology.

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Other DIY sites

There's lots more online to allow you to explore and work with fonts. Here's just a few links that we enjoyed:

Personality traits and font preference - what does your choice of font say about you?

Type navigator - a visual font search system

Typesetter - want to see the effects of changing and tweaking fonts? This tool lets you compare screen fonts side-by-side.

Identifont - want to know what a font you've seen is called? Answer some simple questions, and all will be revealed.

Readability - how much difference does font size and line spacing make to the ease of reading?

Typeface anatomy - want to sort your kerning from your leading and your glyphs from your tabular figures? Start here.

Spell with Flickr - for example: Digital Planet

Find out more

Interested in design? Then maybe the Open University short course Design and the Web is the one for you? The course is delivered online and available worldwide.

First broadcast: Tuesday 24 Mar 2009 on BBC World Service





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