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OU on the BBC: Ever Wondered About Food - About the series

Updated Tuesday, 5th September 2006

Series number five of Ever Wondered About Food? takes in peppers, tea, honey, bananas, milk and onions. Find out more about the series.

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Food being prepared [photo:Ed Miller] Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Ed Miller

Did you know that:

  • a pepper provides more vitamin C than an orange?
  • chilli powder was once used as an aphrodisiac and
  • if you suffer from certain conditions, you can get honey on the NHS? 

These are just a few titbits to whet your appetite for the fifth run of Ever Wondered About Food?

Popular chef Paul Merrett invites you into his kitchen to savour another intriguing mix of science, cookery and fascinating facts. Following the well-tried recipe of previous episodes he introduces a whole new set of ingredients: tea, honey, peppers and chilli, bananas, milk and onions and garlic. There is cooking advice for every level, from how to make a perfect cup of tea to getting the right mix of sweet and sour for a marinated pork chop. Delicious!


Ever Wondered About Food in more depth:





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