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OU on the BBC: Ever Wondered About Food - Hot stuff!

Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2007

Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at peppers and chillies

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Peppernata [photo: Paul Gregory Photography, UK] Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Paul Gregory

Peppers were once a well-kept secret deep in the heart of the South American jungle but now a quarter of the world’s population eat chillies or other peppers every day and chilli powder is the world’s most popular spice. Chef Paul Merrett explores why we are so addicted to the taste and kick of peppers. He:

  • reveals that a pepper contains more vitamin C than an orange;
  • discovers why the British Parliament mutinied when asked to forgo their fiery fix; and
  • uncovers how chilli powder was once used as an aphrodisiac.  

In the kitchen, Paul takes our taste buds on tour, from spicy Thai green curry to the classic Italian supper dish, pepperonata with scallops. He also shows us how to roast the perfect pepper for antipasti and how to tame that chilli burn.  

First broadcast: Saturday 28 Sep 2002 on BBC TWO

Ever Wondered About Food in more depth:





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