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OU on the BBC: Ever Wondered About Food - Nature's energy food

Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2007

Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at honey

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Pork chop [photo: Paul Gregory Photography, UK] Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Paul Gregory Photography, UK

We think of honey as a local product, but it’s big business; the world trades nearly half a million tonnes of it every year. Chef Paul Merrett traces the production of honey from the bee hive to your toast, learns why honeys don’t all taste the same and finds out why bees are moving to the heart of London.

In the kitchen he creates a sumptuous honey sponge pudding and gives some handy tips on how to store your honey. He shows us how to get the right mix of sweet and sour for his marinated pork chop and explains why his honey-coated cereal bars are a great energy booster. But don’t limit honey to the larder; its medicinal and nutritional health benefits are just as impressive. Paul reveals:

  • how an Egyptian queen used honey to keep her young and beautiful;
  • why one of the greatest sportsmen of all time swore by it; and
  • why even the NHS uses it on patients.  


First broadcast: Saturday 28 Sep 2002 on BBC TWO

Ever Wondered About Food in more depth:





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