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OU on the BBC: Family Ties - About the series

Updated Friday 6th January 2006


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The need for a sense of identity and family unites us all – and it would appear nearly every family has a mystery or secret to uncover.

In this compelling BBC FOUR documentary series, six individuals bravely embark on an often emotional journey delving into their family’s past. Each programme is a journey of discovery – taking us through, but also far beyond the process of research, quite often on an inspirational journey of self-discovery.

Following on from the BBC’s family history season last year, 'Family Ties once again accompanies BBC TWO’s 'Who Do You Think You Are series of programmes about celebrities in search of their roots.

Family Ties however charts the stories of ordinary people exploring their sometimes extraordinary family past. What unites them is a family myth or mystery that they long to unravel. That may involve an obsessive interest in a character in their family living a hundred years ago. Or it may be they feel that until their more recent family riddles are solved, they just can’t get on with their lives. And for some, the search will end with their lovingly nurtured threads of family history exposed as nothing more than myth or delusions of grandeur.

The series demonstrates how classic research and the use of family records can empower anyone with the genealogy bug. Indeed the first 'Family Ties' series fuelled the UK public’s passion for finding out about their ancestry. The Family History section at proved to be massively popular, with over two million visitors to the site, and it will continue to be a useful tool for those on their own quests to uncover their family histories.

Family Ties in more depth:


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