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OU on the BBC: Free Thinking - About the festival

Updated Tuesday 10th October 2006

A Festival of Ideas for the Future Debate, conversation, film, performance - and speed dating too!

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Pub philosophers - part of Free Thinking Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio Merseyside came together for a unique festival exploring ideas that will change the way we live.

Free Thinking was a weekend of provocative talks, debates, interviews and performance taking place across Liverpool. Leading scientists, writers, philosophers and technologists invited all comers to engage with ideas that will shape the future. They tackled questions about cities, new technology, loneliness, sex, morality, cyborgs, happiness - and much more.

The festival is based at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) and the new BBC Radio Merseyside building. All this week, you can hear reports on BBC Radio 3.

Doreen Massey Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission The first Open University Radio Lecture
Is the World Really Shrinking?

Professor Doreen Massey lays out a manifesto for an alternative global vision, as a counterpoint to the claims of globalisation gurus that the world is getting smaller and local places are all becoming the same.
The lecture can be heard on Thursday 9th November on BBC Radio 3 at 9.30pm

Amongst the other events was a special edition of BBC7's Big Toe Radio Show and BBC Radio 3's The Verb; experimental films on the big screen in Clayton Square and pub philosophy.

For a full list of what happened, and what's on Radio 3, visit the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking website

You can still shape the debate now by joining in the Free Thinking blogs. A series of contributors from the local community, across the country and from around the world are sharing their insights, and want you to join them.

Free Thinking in more depth:





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