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OU on the BBC: From Here to Modernity - Books and weblinks

Updated Thursday, 19th April 2007

Learn more about how public attitudes to modern architecture have changed between 1929 and the present day with our selection of books and weblinks:

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Recommended Reading

Kenneth Frampton, Modern Architecture: A Critical History
(Thames and Hudson, 1992, ISBN 0500202575)

William R. Curtis, Modern Architecture Since 1900
(Phaidon, 1996, ISBN 0714833568)

John Allan, Berthold Lubetkin And The Tradition Of Progress
(RIBA Publications, 1992, ISBN 0947877622)

John R. Gold, The Experience Of Modernism: Modern Architects And The Future City 1928-1953
(Routledge, 1998, ISBN 0419207406)

Jules Lubbock, Tyranny of Taste: Politics Of Architecture And Design In Britain 1550-1960
(Yale University Press, 1995, ISBN 0300058896)

Richard Weston, Modernism
(Phaidon, 2001, ISBN 0714840998)

Charles Jencks, What Is Post Modernism?
(John Wiley Academy Editions, 1996, ISBN 1854904280)

Charles Jencks, The Architecture Of The Jumping Universe
(John Wiley Academy Editions, 1997 ISBN 0471977489)

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From Here to Modernity in more depth:





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