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Ian McMillan's Writing Lab - About the series

Updated Thursday 21st December 2006

Ian McMillan introduces a series of entertaining and inspirational fifteen minute programmes aimed at providing a fascinating insight into the creative writing process. The series will supply valuable tools and tips to help nurture the inner writer in us all.

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Each week Ian will be joined in his writing lab by a leading expert in a field of creative writing. Aided by his guide, Ian will dig under the surface of the published page, unpicking the stages, drafts, pleasures and pains involved in the process of writing.

Along the way he examines key examples from literary history as well as hearing from acclaimed writers - such as Julian Barnes, Hanif Kureishi, Rose Tremain and Mark Ravenhill - who reveal their tried and tested methods. Ian finds out about their top tips to aspiring writers, as well as the pitfalls to avoid – don’t start writing too early; don’t litter memoirs with the words "would" and "I"; beware showing off with pyrotechnics at the start of a novel.

This witty and often humorous series of programmes will also feature testimony from first-time writers, some of whom have come through creative writing courses themselves.

Through their anecdotes and analysis, the series will offer listeners who write a sense of community, and encouragement and guidance beyond the borders of the page.

Enthusiastic, engaged and highly imaginative, Ian McMillan’s Writing Lab is a creative writing class with bags of zing, zip and zeal!

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