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OU on the BBC: Justice Season

Updated Thursday, 19th May 2011

Throughout 2011, BBC Four and The Open University have been exploring the meaning of justice in the modern world through a series of new films and online features.

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The last of The Open University co-productions, Amnesty! When They Are All Free shows as part of the Storyville strand on May 31st on BBC Four. The film examines the work of the campaigning organisation as it reaches its fiftieth anniversary.

The season started with Michael Sandel debating Fairness And The Big Society and showing how the work of three giants of philosophy can provide a Citizen's Guide to justice in the 21st Century.

Sandel also presented Justice, a series of lively lectures on the moral angle of eight contentious subjects, from murder and cannibalism to same-sex marriage and lying.

Time Shift dug into the archive to explore retribution and correction with The Story Of Corporal Punishment and The Story Of Capital Punishment; the strand also explored the achievements of BBC One's campaigning series Rough Justice in Re-trial By Television.

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