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OU on the BBC: Lab Rats - Introduction

Updated Thursday 15th April 2004

Mike and Zeron explain the story behind Lab Rats.

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Can you believe it? Not content with pushing our bodies to their limit (and beyond!) for this series, they then want us to build a website - unbelievable! Still, that's Lab Rats. Maybe we were insane when we signed up for the gig, but when they said "Lab Rats" we didn't think they'd take it so seriously! Who else do you know has raced their sperm, been taken to the point of unconsciousness under the eyes of the US air force, slept in a room full of snakes and been kept awake for 60 hours non-stop?

Without the time pressures of a half-hour programme we've been able to go into lots more detail. Check out our diaries to read the behind-the-scenes story on the four programmes: sperm, g-force, sleep and fear. Since we give our producer Nic a lot of stick in our diaries, we thought he ought to have a chance to offer the other side of the story. So if you want to know how he lives with himself after making us dance like his little monkeys then see his Production Process. If you want to know more about us (hey, we're the stars!) then we've even got some background info for you about Mike and Zeron.

Then Mike teamed up with some top academics to bring you the science of sperm, g-force, sleeping and fear. Talking of science, how about having a go at home? Have a nose at Be a Lab Rat for the bedroom science challenge, reaction time test, the Stroop test (as shown in the sleep programme) and focus on fear. To cap it all off, we've even included the recipe for making a plaster cast of your balls (or anything you fancy) - like we did in the sperm programme.

Lab Rats has been the most amazing and incredible series to make - we hope you enjoy it, we've suffered enough to bring you this entertainment.

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