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OU on the BBC: Mental Health - Sectioned/Mental

Updated Tuesday, 11th January 2011

Continuing the exploration into mental health, two BBC programmes take frank and fresh approaches to this often challenging subject.

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Double Deaths by Yvonne Mabs Francis (copyright: the artist) Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Yvonne Mabs Francis

Double Deaths by Yvonne Mabs Francis (copyright: the artist)

Sectioned and Mental: A History Of The Madhouse look at an issue that touches our lives - either as we have our own mental health issues, or as friends and relatives of someone who does.

Can mental health be explored through art? Take a look through the artists' pages; listen to their stories and see how their personal experiences have influenced their work.

Mental: A History Of The Madhouse is repeated on BBC Four, Tuesday 11th January at 10pm & Friday 14th at 1.40am; Sectioned can be seen again on Tuesday 18th.





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