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OU on the BBC: Mark Steel Lectures - Newton

Updated Thursday, 21st October 2004

Find out more about Isaac Newton in this programme from the BBC/OU Mark Steel Lectures.

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Newton at work in his lab Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

He was a scientist who thought he could turn lead into gold. He was an obsessive with a secret Swiss boyfriend. And, in the world of The Mark Steel Lectures, he likes Alphabetti Spaghetti and the Communards.

The contradictions of this fascinating character, half-scientist, half-magician, take us from Newton’s childhood penchant for arson to the Houses of Parliament via Old Compton Street, discovering on the way why God can’t draw circles and what Cliff Richard will be doing in the year 3150.

Mark Steel explores the world and the discoveries of Isaac Newton – surely one of Britain’s finest scientific alchemical gay fraud-busting genius MPs.

Featuring Martin Hyder as Isaac Newton and Ainsley Harriot as Robert Boyle.

First broadcast: Wednesday 28 Sep 2005 on BBC FOUR





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